Mission & Vision


Services will begin Feb.2023!


The mission of the Faithful Church has always been to effectively share and witness to others using the Holy Scriptures; teaching them to worship the Sovereign LORD in Spirit and in truth.

This has been preached since the first century! We are now the generation living at a time where those prophecies of old are being fulfilled. What a joyous time for many!

Through the revelation of how the Almighty God desires to be praised and worshiped, we gain knowledge of His Word.

The grace is given to us by Him out of unconditional love through His Son, Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua).


Our vision has a door that will never close according to Jesus Christ. So, The Faithful Church continues the way of the first-century believers.

We follow the biblical teachings of that era in an effort to correct the various false doctrines of many churches.

We want to join forces with other ministries to effectively help those in need through our AGAPE Sock Ministry.