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The Kingdom of God and the Seven Churches

At the sound of the seventh trumpet, the Father and the Son have proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven on earth…kingdoms of the earth will be their kingdoms. No more false predictions and wolves in sheep’s clothing in the Church. Yahweh has allowed Jesus Christ to commend and/or reprove the Church to keep it clean and Holy.

Therefore, the seven churches are literally of the first-century faithful and symbolically of the 21st century; the seven churches are in existence during the events mentioned in the book of Revelation. Each of these Churches will receive judgment or praise according to their works. Revelation 11: 15-19; Revelation 2-3.

Remember, Satan and a third of the angels or “stars” will seek to destroy the Church; however, God will protect His people just as He did in the days of Moses and Elijah. Thus the woman (or Church in biblical symbolism) will be “carried away to the wilderness”. Revelation 12:1-6.

Remember, the time has come for us to make a stand for Christ. The 144, 000 anointed remnant of spiritual Israel are beginning to prepare mankind for the final days of this wicked world. We will explain to you what Christ has revealed to us by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Soon, Jesus Christ will empower His people to do great things by enabling us to spread His gospel throughout the earth in a very rapid manner just as in the days of the first-century church.

Though Yah is ever-unchanging, He realizes that our generation has become inundated with technology; therefore, any appropriate method to do His will is totally acceptable as long as it is delivered in “spirit and in truth.” John 4:24.