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Seven Churches

The Seven Churches of Revelation in Existence Today?

The Messiah gave specific instructions to the seven churches that existed in the first century over 2,000 years ago to His faithful servant John, who was exiled to the island of Patmos. John received specific instructions that were to be given to each of the seven churches of Asia: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

Messiah himself, the great teacher, graded each church according to its performance. Some received praise for their righteousness and others received rebuke.

Yahweh God has revealed that these seven churches symbolically exist today; therefore, it is wise to understand the message written by John so that we are ready for the imminent return of His Son, Christ.

The seven churches are symbolic of the spirit of the church as a whole. We can use wisdom to discern that the number of completion or perfection is seven. Hence, the seven churches represent a single unified church.

With thorough examination of the scriptures in the book of Revelation, it is easy to understand that its message is for the people living today as the church, though united by our faith in Christ, have become far more concerned with the various doctrines and dogmas being misinterpreted by the leaders of the flock. The focus is no longer on Christ in five of the seven churches.

The church has become overly concerned with tradition as opposed to simply using the bible as its own authority. There are leaders in the church who call themselves apostles when they are not. Leaders who call themselves Jewish, when they are not are rampant.

Christ is warning each church who receives rebuke to correct the errors or pay the penalty for disobedience.

Christ wants everyone to be saved. Because of this fact, Christ has become angry because those souls who are ignorant to the truth of His words are not encouraged to participate in the church. Rather, they are being judged as being unrighteous or worse, wicked.

​We are warned that God will judge all of us, the righteous and the unrighteous for their deeds. So, instead of shunning potential disciples of Christ, we need to educate and edify them by sharing the gospel.

Rather than worry about what festivals we celebrate or holidays are of pagan origin and going to the extent of shunning members because they do not adhere to man-made rules, we need to prepare people for the time when God will restore His kingdom here on earth as promised in the beginning of mankind’s creation.

Look at how many different beliefs each church has today! God is a God of order, not chaos. Yahweh knows that thinking people are left wondering why even attend church at all when we cannot even agree on a simple biblical teaching.

It is egregious on the part of religious leaders not to come together and find common ground among themselves for the sake of the kingdom. Christ often issued very abrasive statements to the Jewish religious leaders because they replaced true worship with the doctrines of men. It is no better today.

The words of this article are designed to hit hard and have each church rethink its game plan for teaching the truth for the bible and the bible alone.

​A conference will need to occur with all believers of Christ so that we can do what our Heavenly Father needs us to do: ensure that those thinking people craving for spiritual food at the appointed time may receive such.

Plans for such a conference will be sent as soon as the Holy Spirit commands.

Anything less than this will continue to anger God who has a wonderful plan in place for everyone who wants to get to know Him. Not just for Christians, God is the God of all.

​​It would be wise to read this article and begin to pray how to effectively convey the message that the bible makes clear: FEED His sheep!