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The information contained on this page is written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit using only the Holy Scriptures, as the only authoritative source of truth.

Therefore, where applicable, referring to the original language of the scriptures being presented is vital to obtain the appropriate context, understanding, and meaning of specific words, passages, or phrases etc. for a thorough, proper examination. All scripture is God-breathed with the Holy Spirit. 2 Timothy 3:16.

This information is to be used for the instruction and edification of the Church after prayer and careful deliberation is completed by church leadership to decide how best to continue the witnessing work of the gospel of Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

To get the most out of your personal study, it is recommended that you use an interlinear Bible that provides many scriptural references. Keep in mind that the Holy Scriptures interpret themselves. Therefore, the interlinear notes cross reference many scriptures, which helps to give you proper understanding. You should use the content on this page as a guide. Specifically, it is wise and pertinent that you study the Word of GOD to test that these things written are true. This is actually a requirement for those who seek to find the truth.


Now, what about this mysterious book of Revelation? The mysteries of the gospel can best be summarized by a thorough understanding of the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation is simply that, a revelation or “unveiling” of things to come. Apostle John was inspired to write Christ’s words as a witness for the generation mentioned in the book of Matthew and Luke. Revelation 1:1-3; Matthew 24:14-28.

The book of Revelation was intentionally shrouded in symbology. Christ wanted to seal up the prophesies contained in this book just as He often spoke in parables, analogies, and metaphors during His earthly ministry. He knew that those with wisdom would be able to uncover the hidden meaning of His words.

The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John provide us a vivid account of the ministry of Christ. We can find passages in the book of Revelation that provide us with information that reveals its true meaning concerning the end of this world. The same goes with the prophets of old. Many of their writings have a double fulfillment: one for the nation of Israel’s past and future. Revelation shows the culmination of all of the biblical writers’ inspired promises.

Specifically, we can see that God’s purpose is to create a new heavens and a new earth, with New Jerusalem at its center. The kingdom of God being restored-a marriage of the bridegroom and His bride.

Therefore, our generation will surely not pass away before all of the prophecies Christ spoke of over 2000 years ago have been fulfilled. People will die; however, a “number no one could count” will live to see prophecy fulfilled. Matthew 24:34; Revelation 7:9-17.


Through the power of Yahweh and His Messiah, the two witnesses will arrive. Being sent by Jesus, these two prophets will testify on behalf of our Savior. The two witnesses will have power to smite the earth with plagues, and they will be able to annihilate their enemies. Jesus, during His earthly existence, allowed the apostles to see a vision of the two witnesses who are symbolically “Elijah” and “Moses”.

This vision can be understood because of the deliberate use of “fire coming out of their mouths” and ‘striking the earth with all plagues.” These two anointed ones or (sons of oil literally translated from the Hebrew) were selected by Christ Himself as the “two olive branches who stand beside the lord of the whole earth.” Zechariah 4:11-14; Revelation 11; Matthew 17: 1-13.

With the above understanding from the book of Zechariah, we see that the two witnesses cannot be the old and new testaments because of the Hebrew. It was the error of the translation that has caused this prophecy to be misinterpreted. Any Hebrew scholar will confirm that this is truth. Also, there is no scriptural support for the witnesses being the actual Moses and Elijah. The Scriptures actually prove otherwise.

Once the testimony of Jesus Christ has come to an end, the beast that “comes out of the bottomless pit” will wage war against these prophets of God and kill them. Yet, after three and a half days, these men will be resurrected and will amaze the world by ascending to heaven at the sound of loud voice! Then soon afterward, a great earthquake will cause a tenth of Jerusalem to fall and kill seven thousand people.

Those who survive give glory to the God of heaven. Scripture tells us the resurrection of the two witnesses, the great earthquake in Israel, and the survivors who praise God ends the second woe to the earth! Revelation 11: 7-14.


At the sound of the seventh trumpet, the Father and the Son have proclaimed the Kingdom of Heaven on earth…kingdoms of the earth will be their kingdoms. No more false predictions and wolves in sheep’s clothing in the Church. Yahweh has allowed Jesus Christ to commend and/or reprove the Church to keep it clean and Holy.

Therefore, the seven churches are literally of the first-century faithful and symbolically of the 21st century; the seven churches are in existence during the events mentioned in the book of Revelation. Each of these Churches will receive judgment or praise according to their works. Revelation 11: 15-19; Revelation 2-3.

Remember, Satan and a third of the angels or “stars” will seek to destroy the Church; however, God will protect His people just as He did in the days of Moses and Elijah. Thus the woman (or Church in biblical symbolism) will be “carried away to the wilderness”. Revelation 12:1-6.

Remember, the time has come for us to make a stand for Christ. The 144, 000 anointed remnant of spiritual Israel are beginning to prepare mankind for the final days of this wicked world. We will explain to you what Christ has revealed to us by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Soon, Jesus Christ will empower His people to do great things by enabling us to spread His gospel throughout the earth in a very rapid manner just as in the days of the first-century church.

Though Yah is ever-unchanging, He realizes that our generation has become inundated with technology; therefore, any appropriate method to do His will is totally acceptable as long as it is delivered in “spirit and in truth.” John 4:24.


Jesus Christ, or in Hebrew, Yeshua HaMashiach is now revealing the prophecies in Revelation.

Those of us close to Him have and shall continue to receive these prophecies. We will be able to see the prophecies with new light as the Holy Spirit feeds us with accurate knowledge. Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28-32; Proverbs 4:38.

For a time, we will trample upon our enemies with the power of the spiritual sword and the mightiness of His power! We will be protected for a time until the remnant are killed at the hands of the two beasts. The Great Crowd, whom St. John sees in his visions, will stand before the throne of God in heaven having left behind their physical bodies in exchange for spiritual ones.

The remnant (the 144, 000) are sealed before the great tribulation because of faith and blamelessness. John writes those who have this seal are like “virgins.” These 144,000 judges or priests will assist the Messiah by gathering the great multitude mentioned in the book of Revelation and ruling with Him during the millennial reign. The number 144,000 is a literal number of those chosen out of the tribes of Israel. Remnant or remaining piece of Israel come from those who are direct descendants from the tribes of Jacob.

The 144,000 literally sing a new song, which only they know. Remember, they are not a part of the great multitude. The bible clearly reveals the songs the great multitude will sing; yet the 144, 000 have a special song that only they will know. When the 144, 000 are united with Christ in Heaven during the first resurrection, they will sing this song triumphantly, for the Holy Spirit will give them the melody. The great multitude do not see death. No where in scripture do we find that they rule with Christ. They are the “other sheep”. We implore you to do biblical research to recognize this truth.

Revelation 7:1-8, 14:1-5, 20:4-6, 6:9-11.


During the Tribulation, underground worship will once again be the way we have to hear God’s Word. Think of Roman oppression or Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Many devoted servants of Christ are currently being persecuted or even killed for their faithfulness. The book of Revelation shows us that persecution becomes a worldwide epidemic as well as famine, disease, poverty, and death. There will also be many false Christ’s, prophets, and miracles to deceive many!

Jesus told us that conditions get so horrific that God must cut the days short for His people to survive!

The two beasts, who are wicked humans during and after the Great tribulation, will reestablish the Roman Empire to its former glory. These men are cleverly working with the leaders of the world. The two beasts have convinced the world that they are, in fact, acting for God and His Son! Look for an image or idol to be erected. All who are not in the book of life will worship the beast and its image.

We can easily recognize these beasts by the fruit they bear. The Vatican has boldly professed to change the times (days of the week), alter the Ten Commandments to allow pagan worship of idols, relics, statues, and rosaries! Even the leaders of this wicked church are receiving worship that rightfully belongs to God!

At Satan’s authority, this political ruler (or anti-Christ) and the false prophet will unite the world in a false sense of peace as Paul said 2,000 years ago. Worship as we know it now will change forever very soon. Consider this the time of Daniel, who prophetically foretold that this day would come for us in our time. After this declaration of peace, Christ will return visibly and as Apostle Paul writes, “instant destruction” will be poured upon the wicked.

Since Christ informs us that the gospel will be spread throughout the earth and then the end will come, the world’s declaration of peace, the abomination of desolation entering the temple, and Christ’s return will occur almost simultaneously. Matthew 24:9-15, 21-24, 29-31; Revelation 6:1-17 and 17:1-18, Daniel 3:1-7, 7:1-12; 8:1-27; 2:21, 7:25; 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Exodus 31:12-17.

Though our times will be filled with God’s power, we still have to endure until the end. Matthew 24:13.