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Technology and the Bible

Technology and the Bible

About a thousand years after the tower of Babel, Nimrod's second grandson, Noah, built his ark which was known as a ship. The first time that man had ever constructed such an intricate kind of vessel. There were no big boats like that in the world at that time. It was a unique structure to hold all animals and people of different races and species from around the world. 

The Bible also talks about a tower which would stand for "a sign" for God's division from mankind after the tower of Babel incident [Genesis 11:4]. Noah is considered a 'sign' in the Bible (Gen. 3:14-15). Noah was also one of the only people who could build an ark according to God's standards [Genesis 6:13]. If you look up Noah in Wikipedia, there are a variety of ways that he could be considered a sign from God. 

The tower that Nimrod built is portrayed as an idol tower, which is also described in the Bible through architectural and geographic description. The tower of babel was considered to be made from brick, but it could have been constructed out of a variety of materials such as wood or stone. There are two forms of towers today: One being a water tower for storing water (made out of stone) and a tower that is used for communications which is made out of metal. Technology has developed into a tower-like structure. 

The tower of babel was supposed to be as tall as heaven, but God's tower (Noah's ark) had the height of 300 cubits. It was very spacious such that it could hold a vast amount of animals. 

In the tower of babel incident, tower was used as an idol tower to worship and make sacrifices in it. Technology is used today for the same purpose…to pay homage, to sacrifice something such as money or time in exchange for enjoyment every single day. Thus technology has become a tower like structure that has divided us. 

In the tower of babel story, God confused the languages so that people could not determine who to worship, but in technology it has become a way for mankind to communicate. At first there was only one language which developed into many languages as time went on. The tower of babel is also considered a tower of rebellion because man was trying to reach the tower up to Heaven, but when technology was invented they could communicate in ways that were never thought possible. 

The tower of babel also had a different purpose behind it. Technology is used for many different purposes. 

In the tower of babel story men gathered together and tried to determine who God was, but using technology they can go to the Internet, find God's creation in other religions and learn about Him. Technology is a tower that reaches all over the world as well as languages, people and cultures. 

Technology today is used for communication purposes, but it also has different forms of technology that have their own use. Also there are many ways to communicate using technology such as Internet, television, radio and video games just to name a few. 

The tower of babel was a tower that was built without reason. It is hard to say why technology is being used today (for what purposes). The tower of babel and the ark are both considered "signs" in their own way for God's division from mankind, but they can be viewed as signs for how we use technology today. From the tower of babel incident God determined that mankind should not be united under one language or tower, but technology today is uniting people as well as different cultures and countries together. 

One final thought about the tower of babel story…The tower was a tower in defiance to God's will, which resulted in confusion among men after communication had been taken away from them. Today technology is being used with new innovations every day and we have no idea what the result will be when we pass it on to our future generations. 


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