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The Great Tribulation, the Two Beasts, and the Rebirth of Babylon


During the Tribulation, underground worship will once again be the way we have to hear God’s Word. Think of Roman oppression or Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Many devoted servants of Christ are currently being persecuted or even killed for their faithfulness. The book of Revelation shows us that persecution becomes a worldwide epidemic as well as famine, disease, poverty, and death. There will also be many false Christ’s, prophets, and miracles to deceive many!

Jesus told us that conditions get so horrific that God must cut the days short for His people to survive!

The two beasts, who are wicked humans during and after the Great tribulation, will reestablish the Roman Empire to its former glory. These men are cleverly working with the leaders of the world. The two beasts have convinced the world that they are, in fact, acting for God and His Son! Look for an image or idol to be erected. All who are not in the book of life will worship the beast and its image.

We can easily recognize these beasts by the fruit they bear. The Vatican has boldly professed to change the times (days of the week), alter the Ten Commandments to allow pagan worship of idols, relics, statues, and rosaries! Even the leaders of this wicked church are receiving worship that rightfully belongs to God!

At Satan’s authority, this political ruler (or anti-Christ) and the false prophet will unite the world in a false sense of peace as Paul said 2,000 years ago. Worship as we know it now will change forever very soon. Consider this the time of Daniel, who prophetically foretold that this day would come for us in our time. After this declaration of peace, Christ will return visibly and as Apostle Paul writes, “instant destruction” will be poured upon the wicked.

Since Christ informs us that the gospel will be spread throughout the earth and then the end will come, the world’s declaration of peace, the abomination of desolation entering the temple, and Christ’s return will occur almost simultaneously. Matthew 24:9-15, 21-24, 29-31; Revelation 6:1-17 and 17:1-18, Daniel 3:1-7, 7:1-12; 8:1-27; 2:21, 7:25; 1 Thessalonians 5:3, Exodus 31:12-17.

Though our times will be filled with God’s power, we still have to endure until the end. Matthew 24:13.