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Services will begin Feb.2023!

About 21st Century Church of Christ

The Holy Spirit has revealed that the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation (see on the left) are both literal and symbolic of the Church (i.e., true believers of the Messiah, not a building or specific denomination) in the 1st century and the 21st century.

The Church in these last days is known as the "Remnant of God and Christ."

The word "remnant" means remaining piece or part of something. Many have used the word to refer to a small or particular group of believers; however, the remnant can be of a much larger size as well.

We believe we are the "faithful church" because prophecy foretells that a remnant will be called out at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, which Yahweh Elohim and His son, Yeshua (Jesus Christ) has revealed will begin when the "son of perdition" emerges to deceive the world into worship of him.

The Heavenly Father has said that His people keep His commandments and the testimony of Jesus Christ. God has sent powerful angels, three to be exact, who will herald a warning to the world. Working alongside the Faithful Church, the alarm has been sounded to deliver a message and chance of salvation to the entire world.

Before our Messiah comes in glory, He is extending the opportunity for everyone on earth to be saved. Christ wants no one to perish! Hence, the gospel or "good news" will be shared in the entire world before He comes to set up His righteous government.

Satan the devil, an evil, powerful spirit who opposes the Father and His Son, knows that he only has a very short time before He is cast into the lake of fire. In other words, he will not go down without a fight. All of the chaos and tragedy on our planet leads back to him. Like a serpent, he goes into the world undetected. Like a lion, he waits for the perfect moment to seize his prey.

Yahweh Elohim has allowed Satan to deceive us for millennia knowing that His people, who truly love Him, will remain ever faithful--even until death.

Now, the Father through His Son is calling us out of what the Bible calls "Babylon" or a corrupt system of false worship. It's not just those who do not worship the LORD, it includes those who claim to love Him, who will have to repent of their wrongdoings. The Bible makes this unequivocally clear that judgment begins with His very own people.

The Faithful Church isn't an organization, but an "organism" based on no other foundation but that of the living, breathing power of the Holy Spirit.

Prophecy promises that our message will touch the hearts of an unknown number of people from every race, background, and faith.

Christ has promised that those who remain faithful will be protected from the hour of persecution, soon to envelop this world. The bible promises the remnant will be protected during the hour of trial. So any persecution of Gods' loyal servants is a false understanding of God's intentions.

All are welcome to be apart of a remnant (remaining piece) called out to be a peculiar, loving, and faithful people who under no circumstances deny the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These loyal followers are written in the book of life, and they will not receive the mark of the beast.